How It’s Going

Missions, programs, updates – here’s what we’ve been up to.

ABL Space Systems, which was founded in 2017, has developed a transportable launch system model that can send a rocket to space anywhere there’s a flat patch of concrete. ABL’s rockets, built in-house, and its ground stations can be moved via shipping containers and require only five operators per launch.

NASA has selected 12 companies to provide launch services for the agency’s Venture-Class Acquisition of Dedicated and Rideshare (VADR) missions, providing new opportunities for science and technology payloads and fostering a growing U.S. commercial launch market.

Technicians complete final checks on internal components of the metallic first-stage rocket of ABL’s RS1. This is the last time ABL personnel will touch this hardware before it launches into space.

The first two prototype satellites, KuiperSat-1 and KuiperSat- 2, will launch separately on rockets from ABL Space Systems, one of a handful of start-ups building smaller launch vehicles to sate demand from satellite companies.

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