How It’s Going

Missions, programs, updates – here’s what we’ve been up to.


Operations began around 5am local time while tracking a 30% weather POV due to a low deck of clouds creating triggered lightning risk. We delayed our T0 slightly to wait for a gap in the weather. During propellant fill, a bulk carrier vessel…

F1A1 – Monday November 14th

In our first attempt, we had a flawless day of operations up until 75% propellant fill at T-30 minutes. At that time, a vendor valve in our Stage 1 fuel pressurization system failed open. This led to a gradual, and then more rapid leak of helium into our fuel tank. We scrubbed the launch and safed the vehicle for the day.

We have worked with the vendor to characterize this problem, made replacements, and retired this issue.

Small-satellite launch company ABL Space Systems is gearing up for its first-ever liftoff.

ABL completed a key fueling test, called a wet dress rehearsal, with its RS1 rocket on the pad at the Pacific Spaceport Complex on Alaska’s Kodiak Island this week, the company said.

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